Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am gaga for yellow this week. Over the moon! or would that be sun?
There was a challenge on Club HM this week to use the Love You to Bits kit and it is gorgeous yellow and blue. I was so inspired by the kit that I stayed up until 2 last night putting together this template for a Poetry Anthology. We were reading Fancy Nancy's Poet Extraordinaire last night and I thought it would be fun for us to do our own Poetry book. My kids love when they get to share poems they have discovered, during our tea times. And they can write a mean poem too.
Anyhoo... here is my book:

Here are some gorgeous Wedding Templates I found, in lovely yellow and blue:


Album (which could really be used for anything, not just weddings.)

Here are the winning submissions to the Club HM contest, Tara Jones, Karrie Watson-Fowler and Lisa Delange

And here is some other yellow inspiration. By the way, come get inspired with me on, I am MamasMemories. If you don't have and invite, message me your email and I will invite you, it is so much fun!

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